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Koh Naka

Koh Naka Yai is a lovely island just off the North East coast of Phuket island. It is a classic postcard image of paradise, with fine white sand beaches lined with coconut palms, and no roads. It has four main beaches and a few small slivers of sand. It does get crowded in the afternoons with speedboats returning from day trips, but in the morning it is quiet, and after 5 pm the day trippers mostly speed off again and the island becomes deserted and peaceful again. Along the eastern shore there are beach shack bars and typical local thai restaurants. There is also the possibility of hiring jetskis and wakeboards or you can go para-sailing. The views of Phang Nga Bay are breathtaking from this side of the island. The west coast is the quieter side, and a good place to anchor and inflate our water slide, as there is no current there.

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